Man Wants To Trademark DadBod In Hopes Of Creating A Body-Positive Male Lifestyle Brand

Earlier this month Kendall and Kylier Jenner wanted to trademark their names, and now, one man is looking to "brand" a body type. CJ Cardenas, Los Angeles-based talent manager, plans to trademark DadBod and turn it into a body-positive lifestyle concept according to NYMag. That's right, IG pics of a beer belly and cold pizza could be copyrighted soon.

When DadBod swept across the internet a month ago, Cardenas not only totally related to the term, but also saw an opportunity. He realized "Dadbod is a lifestyle [with] the idea is that it is OK to have a little bit of extra fat in certain areas ... Men have body issues that people don't talk about [and] there's a misconception that dadbods are lazy, eating pizza, playing video games [and] that's not it at all." #DadBodPositiveFTW

Cardenas says the brand concept is still wide open at this point, but he's currently reaching out to microbreweries to discuss the possibilities of developing DadBod beers. To get a feel for the vibe Cardenas seems to be going for, you can check out the IG he created called @that_dadbod_tho. Love the name, love the body-pos goals, and let's be real, love any reason to try a new microbrewery concoction.

Image Credit: That_DadBod_Tho/Instagram