A Private JT Performance Costs This Much

The memory of having Justin Timberlake perform a private, acoustic concert just for you is truly priceless. But technically, technically, that memory will cost about $1.3 million. At least that's how much it cost J. Darius Bikoff to have the singer perform at his anniversary party as a surprise for his wife of 10 years, Jill. Of course this was perfectly doable for Bikoff, since he's the founder of Smartwater and Vitaminwater.

That explains the rest of the party, which according to Page Six, was held at New York's swanky NoMad Hotel and had burlesque dancers on every table. Because as we all know, the traditional tenth anniversary gift is boobs. At least Bikoff made up for that questionable decorating decision when Timberlake showed up to perform.

Thanks to this news, now we know what it takes to get a private performance from Timberlake. So if you were hoping to celebrate your next birthday with a personal rendition of "SexyBack," just invent a popular sports beverage or marry someone who already has, and drop hints about what your gift should be.

If you were hoping for someone to accompany Timberlake, perhaps his frequent collaborator Jay-Z or some other members of NSYNC, it'll likely cost you even more. If anyone plans on inventing Gatorade that actually makes you sweat colors, I'd like an invite to your next party.