Taco Bell Cap'n Crunch Delights Doughnut Holes Are Coming To A Menu Near You, And Life Doesn't Get Much Sweeter

Well, here's a fast food curveball you may not have seen coming: Taco Bell Cap'n Crunch Delights doughnut holes are making their way to the masses. Much to the delight of dessert lovers everywhere, the fast food giant took to Twitter on Friday (which, appropriately, happened to be National Doughnut Day) to confirm that it’s officially adding the sweet, cream-filled pastry to its nationwide menu.

Taco Bell has been testing the warm doughnut holes, which are coated with the childhood favorite Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries cereal, and filled with creamy, sweet milk icing, in various locations in Bakersfield, California since February. But it seems the Delights were too, well, delightful to keep away from the rest of the America. After Bakersfield residents gave the tasty creations rave reviews (reactions on Twitter ranged from “who needs a boyfriend when there's Taco Bell?” to “I may have fallen in love!”), the chain is now rolling out the food mash-up to the rest of the world this summer.

Cap’n Crunch Delights will reportedly be offered in packs of two for $1.00, four for $1.69 or 12 for $4.49. The item will become available at all locations on July 2, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on the yummy treats.

This isn’t the only major menu move that Taco Bell has made in recent months. The chain also announced it will be unveiling alcoholic beverages in a new Wicker Park, Chicago location. Liquor and Cap’n Crunch Delights all in once place? Sounds like the boozy, sugary match that fast food lovers everywhere have been waiting for.

Images: James/Flickr