Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box Video Projector Brings You Pizza And A Movie In One Package

You can now get pizza and a movie all in one package, thanks to Pizza Hut. The chain eatery has just unveiled a new product called the Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box, which is a pizza box that not only holds your pizza, but also doubles as a video projector.

The special pizza box comes from Pizza Hut Hong Kong and ad firm Ogilvy & Mather, and seems tailor-made for those lazy nights on the couch. So how does it work? The package comes with a ready to remove hole in the side and a lens clipped on the pizza saver. All you have to do is remove the pizza from the box, punch out the hole, and insert the lens. The lens then projects video from your smartphone, which is placed inside the box.

The package also has a QR code printed on it. When scanned, customers get access to a list of free movies that they can watch on their new box projector while enjoying their pizza. The limited-edition pizza boxes come in four unique designs meant to match your choice of movie genre: romance, action, sci-fi, and horror.

It’s unclear how well the projector actually works, but hey, pizza and a movie all in one easy container? I say, sign me up. Unfortunately, the Blockbuster Box is currently only available in Hong Kong, so those of us stateside and elsewhere won’t be able to try out the crafty invention — at least, not yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t see what it looks though! Check it out in action below:

Image: Pizza Hut