William Shatner Will Ride Across The Country On A Trike, Because He's Still The Coolest

How do I put this? Well, basically, William Shatner is an absolute boss. That, and, if anyone told you that tricycles weren't cool, they were sorely mistaken. According to the Associated Press, the incomparable Mr. Shatner will be trekking across our great country on a three wheeled motorcycle, proving that age and the amount of wheels on a vehicle ain't nothing but a number. It should be known that while Shatner is doing this in part because he's got a shiny new bike line to sport, there is also an altruistic reason at the forefront.

The publication reports that,

"The Star Trek star announced plans Monday for the cross-country mission to promote his custom trike and raise awareness about the American Legion... Shatner will be joined on the 2,400-mile ride by members of the American Legion and American Wrench crew. The company is planning to sell limited quantities of Shatner's trike."

So, really, when you think about it, Shatner's continuous foray into space travel is nothing in comparison to this epic voyage. And, the actor knows it. The AP relays that Shatner proclaimed this prophetic statement about his trip, "I am taking another step into the unknown." So, I guess it's only right that we wish him good luck in his dealings. Or, as Spock would say, that he "live long and prosper."

Image: Giphy