Breaking: Another School Shooting?

Three people were shot outside of a Pittsburgh high school Wednesday afternoon, according to reports. Authorities are looking for a potential of three shooters in the woods behind Brashear High School, located about two miles south of downtown Pittsburgh. The shooters apparently came out of the woods onto Crane Avenue near the the school, opening fire at about 3 p.m.

None of the victims, all male, were seriously injured, according to local reports. One 17-year-old, Eugene Minor, was taken to the hospital after a bullet grazed his head, the second was shot in the leg and foot, and the third was shot in the neck and shoulder. One made his way back to the school and informed authorities, which is how the news spread.

A neighbor near the school saw police take four people into custody, according to Pittsburgh's local CBS News affiliate KDKA. There have been no arrests yet, Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management Michael Huss says.

Jaclyn Reft, a student interviewed after the shooting, says she was in cheerleading practice when students were ushered to the library and informed of the situation.

An "incident" at the school in October led to increased security for about a week, and school police say that the two could be related. Pittsburgh Police Spokeswoman Diane Richard says the Oct. 18 event may have been related to drugs or a fight, but those reports are unverified.

Authorities say that the area is now secure. NBC Nightly News tweeted a photo of the scene near the school.

Responses on Twitter range from the fed-up to the far-flung.