Which Shows Have the Wealthiest Viewers?

Gotta say, this is a strange study out of context, but interesting nonetheless — according to The Wrap, studies by ratings companies have found that the average viewer of Modern Family tends to be richer than someone who watches Bob's Burgers. Apparently, ratings companies measure the median incomes of television audiences so that advertisers can better figure out what commercials are best to air during what shows, which actually does make sense when you think about it. Advertising is all about stats, as random as they may seem.

So, what are the richest shows? According to the study, the median income of someone who watches Modern Family is around $81,100, while the median income of your average Bob's Burgers fan is about $48,000. Also on the "richer" side is Parks and Recreation ($81,000), Nashville ($74,400), How I Met Your Mother ($72,900), and New Girl ($72,700). As for the "poorer" side, that includes American Dad ($49,100), Family Guy ($53,400), CSI ($56,300), and Dads ($58,300).

"It’s not too surprising that higher income viewers are more likely to watch programs that are critically acclaimed and contenders for industry awards like the Golden Globes and Emmys," the senior vice president of Research at Horizon Media, Brad Adgate, commented on the numbers. Apparently, advertisers love the 18-49 demo because they want to get to customers when they're younger, in order to ensure that they'll stick with the brand longterm.

It helps advertisers, also, that the shows with the highest median income viewers also tend to be the highest rated — Modern Family, now five seasons in, is still killing it in the ratings.

To check out all of the stats, head on over to The Wrap.

Image: ABC