Redditor's Pineapple Inspired Hair Will Make You Rethink Your Boring Ole Pixie Cut

From Nicole Miller to Forever 21, pineapples are all the rage this summerBeyoncé has even rocked the print — but, after losing a bet, one man rocked pineapple inspired hair that could put any printed version of the fruit to shame. This look, while not exactly the most practical, is simply incredible. Sure other people usually bet money, but I sure am glad these two decided to go for something a bit more entertaining.

Reddit user Hansel34 rocks the pineapple haircut effortlessly, which is high praise considering that, well, his head looks like a pineapple. Ever the excellent sport, he paired the hairstyle with a navy pineapple button-up for a perfectly coordinated photo shoot and posed alongside an actual pineapple, aka his inspiration.

Hansel posted the images to imugr, thus causing his creative hairstyle to go viral. It comes as no surprise that people are digging this bold new look. There were far more positive comments than negative, with people saying things like, "I think you spelled 'won' wrong" in regards to his assertion that he lost the bet. Perhaps Hansel34 has started a fruity new trend? I know I'm feeling inspired.

Check out this pineapple 'do from all angles below.

"You look like a fineapple," one Redditor wrote.

"I feel like you actually won this one. Looks awesome!" said Reddit user Andyman100. Couldn't agree more.

In the immortal words of IAmCodyProbably, another Redditor, "PULLING! IT! OFF!"

It's official: Hansel34 has won the Internet.

You go, Hansel!

Images: Hansel34/Imgur