19 Funniest Instagram Posts Of All Time, For All Your Reckless Procrastinating Needs — PHOTOS

They say that laughter is the best medicine, because "they" apparently have never singlehandedly eaten an entire half-dozen box of cupcakes. But I didn't come here to brag about my sugar consumption. I came here to share the funniest posts on Instagram, because unlike cupcakes, these are cheap, free, and unlike to dig you into an early chocolate-frosted grave. Basically thanks to me you're going to live forever, so you're welcome in advance.

Even if you think you don't need this right now, you really do. Instagram is a vast and somewhat intimidating space to live on, so milling around for lolz is hard. Fortunately for all of y'all needing a good 'gram kick today, the internet is basically the cardboard box that I live in now, so I have plenty of those lolz to choose from. So gather round, ye office assistants sneaking a peek at the internet while you pee, ye stay-at-home parents whose kids happen to be sleeping for the next thirty seconds, ye partiers who are still hungover from last night and staring at the screen to adjust to the light of day. Whatever the circumstances, I guarantee this Instas are going to improve your life and times:

1. This reluctant older sibling

2. This turnt texter

3. This sassafrass

4. This dose of real sauce

5. This role model

6. This cynic

7. This Degrassi remake (ish)

8. This chocolate scandal

9. This childhood ruiner

10. This meowdical practice

11. This doggy diva

12. This Finstagram (fake Instagram)

13. This reinterpretation of Cleopatra

14. This sexting fail

15. This bae

16. This reality check

17. This true confession

18. This cool canine

19. This story of your life

Happy 'gramming, y'all.