'SYTYCD' Meets The Queen Of Detroit

Ladies and gentleman, the Queen Of Detroit is in the house and I cannot believe what I've been missing. Apparently Kenya Sutton, aka the "Queen of Detroit" and "Standin' O," is quite the celebrity in the Motor City at the age of 29 and she's made me quite the fan with her Season 12 street dance audition on So You Think You Can Dance . Sutton was introduced in all of her regal-ness and the corniness and length of the introduction video made me confident that she was going to be at least pretty good. When she finally had her time to speak with SYTYCD host Cat Deeley, her personality made me like her even more. She talked about how her power came from a rather feminine, risqué place.

"It came from these guys," she stated as she pointed to her chest. And then Deeley gave the best response ever:

"The boobies? Oh, I don’t know anything about that.”

When Sutton finally made her way to the stage to perform, she blew the roof off of the place with her intensity and her incredible movement with her entire body. But when she started moving her "power" body parts, Nigel was more than shocked.

Thankfully the judges were all as smitten with Sutton's talent as I am and sailed her through to Vegas. But the real question remains, can she make into to the Top 10 street dancers on Twitch's team? It depends on what kind of vigorous training the street team is put through in Vegas, especially if the street dancers as made to learn technical choreography as they usually are on the show. The new format could work in her favor, but in general I hope she makes it all the way.

Images: Screenshot/FOX; danceonfox/Tumblr