8 Reasons Why You Should Date An Organized Person

Make fun of their to-do lists, day planners, filing systems and spreadsheets all you want — but the habits of organized people prove they have got it going on. By conquering ongoing clutter and chaos, their lives are in order, and they are in full control of their daily lives.

To us common folk, an organized person almost appears like a magical creature. They are incredibly time-conscious. They never, ever forget dates. Their home is a picturesque haven of rest and cleanliness. And they always just seem on top of things. Basically, they're like Mary Poppins, but without the umbrella (although they will always store their umbrellas in a easy-to-find place).

With all the great skills and habits that organized people have, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are many benefits to dating one. After all, an organized person always does what they say they're going to do, they're as prepared as any Boy Scout, and can even help you get your own life in order. Ergo, here are eight reasons why you should consider hooking up with a man or woman who lives for structure and efficiency.

1. An organized person is not likely to forget birth control.

If you're the type who routinely forgets to take your Pill or pack condoms, don't worry: an organized person is on top of all that stuff. Basically, an organized person can be counted on to ensure a risk-free sexual experience.

2. They read and address your emails, text and phone messages more quickly.

Organized people aren't going to let your correspondence just sit there for days...probably not even hours! They've likely got time regularly set aside in their day to respond to you. Because they're efficient.

3. They remember important dates.

Are you the type who never remembers things like your parents' anniversary? An organized person will. Introduce them to one important date, and they will never forget it (and they'll ensure you don't forget it either).

Same goes for your own birthday — which is a major coup for you, because organized people are also incredibly fabulous at organizing events (like parties!).

4. They will actually return your stuff when they say they will.

You know how you have friends who ask to "borrow" your things, and you grudgingly hand them over, knowing you will never see those things again? Not so with an organized person. If they ask for your lawn mower on loan, you're going to see it as soon as they're done with it (which will probably be within 24 hours of receipt). And they'll even show you gratitude!

5. They won't let you be late for anything.

Organized people are sticklers for timeliness. They will get to know your comings-and-goings, including your general patterns when it comes to schedules. They will find ways to ensure you're always on time, if not early for things (like setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you normally would). And they will always build in a cushion for unforeseen things like bad traffic.

In other words: give an organized person the ability to arrange your schedule a bit, and you give them the world. And in return: you start looking awesome to people who are always waiting for you!

6. They often have "spares" available.

Want to stay overnight but didn't bring a toothbrush, clean underwear, or a lunch for the next day at the office? An organized person will always have a few extra things on hand (including a stocked refrigerator).

7. They really know how to pack.

Going on vacation with an organized person? All you need to remember is your clothes and passport. Why? Your partner will ensure they're carrying all the extras you both need, no matter where you're going. And that includes the mouthwash, itinerary, health insurance information and pre-boarding snacks.

8. They can help you organize all your stuff.

Are you tired of all the clutter in your home and life? Ask an organized person to help you get organized. Doing so is like crack to them. They can sort your books by genre or author; create an alphabetic filing system for your bills; help you decide what clothing should be kept, sold, and given away; and create a fantastic Excel spreadsheet to help you budget your money. Seriously, this stuff gets an organized person excited. Take advantage of that energy!

Images: Phil Chester/Flickr; Giphy