Mynt 1792, High-End Plus Brand, Launches in Bloomingdales

Plus-size fashion win alert: Today marks the in-store launch of Mynt 1792 at Bloomingdales. Mynt is a high-end plus-size line that's a hybrid of city chic and modern day working girl. The brand's philosophy: "Every garment is fit to compliment a woman’s figure allowing her to feel comfortable, confident and sexy."

The collection is high-quality with fun textiles and solid use of colors and cuts. In one sense, the line fits right alongside other plus-size fashion heavy-hitters like Eileen Fisher, Vince Camuto, and Lafayette 148 New York. But in other ways, Bloomingdales' pickup of the collection is surprising — because Mynt is a less-mainstream brand. And that's what makes this launch significant.

Mynt's launch signifies that major corporations, including immensely popular, higher-end department stores, are embracing plus fashion. And even if some curvy women still have their qualms with an inherent separation of "plus-size fashion," this new launch is a step in the right direction — a step in getting brands that are really trying to change things out there for fuller-figured gals everywhere.

Through the help of companies like Bloomingdales, smaller, more independent brands like Mynt can get their voices and styles out. And this new relationship between Bloomie's and Mynt is great in particular because the store is giving Mynt a platform to spread their message.

Just recently, they released their "Blogger Collection," a set of jackets designed by five top-tier fashion bloggers: Nicolette Mason, Franceta Johnson, Allison Teng, Kellie Brown and Nadia Aboulhosn. This exclusive holiday jacket collection showcases the styles and talent of these five inspirational, unique bloggers, giving voice to the women who are paving new routes in the industry.

The celebration begins Thursday at the Third Avenue Bloomingdaes in New York City at 6 PM, and is hosted by plus-size blogger Gabi Gregg. If you're in New York, drop on by.

Photo Credit: Mynt 1792/facebook