Cat Wears One Size Fits All Crop Top Like A Boss

You might have figured out by now that "one size fits all" doesn't really exist. One fits all items might not fit all women, but they might actually fit your cat. Hey, that's something right?! At least, that's what one reviewer discovered after she purchased a teeny, tiny halter top on Amazon that promised to be one size fits all.

Online shopping is enough of a gamble already. Add the old "one size" label and it gets even more complicated. After a sixteen year old ordered a crochet halter crop top (perfect for a summer music festival, IMO), she discovered that, while it was too small for her, it was just right for a furry friend of hers. The top cost just over three bucks and promised to be an easy and effortless one size fits all.

Yeahhh, not so much. When the girl received it, she got a top that looked barely capable of covering half a boob, never mind an entire upper torso. Her disapproving mom, however, found another use for the crop top that made their pet cat the most stylish kitty on the block.

In her review for the crop top, the girl's mother wrote, "My 16 y.o. daughter bought this thing. It is ridiculously small and I probably couldn’t legally post a picture of what it looks like if she attempts to wear it. But, so you can see… here is a picture of our cat wearing it. To be fair, it does cover all of the cats nipples, however, she hates the weave. In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat."

So, no, one size fits all clothes do not actually hold true for the majority of the population, but on the bright side, they can transform your basic kitty into a fashionable feline. Now I wonder how these one size fits all clothes will look on any of my pets.

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