Marc Jacobs' Latest Runway Location Is A Shocker

The phrase "take it to the streets" isn't commonly utilized in reference to the fashion industry, but leave it to Marc Jacobs to give a new meaning to the idiom. Jacobs debuted his Resort 2016 collection in his boutique on Soho's Mercer Street set to the tune of New York City's honking automobiles and the chatter of passing shoppers, transforming the very notion of a runway show into something fresh and innovative.

Jacobs has consistently ridden the line of idiosyncrasy with his designs and his runways, favoring setups including a fuchsia-lit dollhouse for Spring 2015 and a darkly dystopian trompe l'oeil living room for Fall 2015. Elaborate, operatic runway sets are simply a part of the Marc Jacobs DNA, and yet when the designer's Resort 2016 presentation embraced a pared-down aesthetic enhanced only by the streets of New York, the impact was equally dramatic. Jacobs' loyalty to New York City is legend in the fashion industry, and by placing his designs on the streets where they will appear after being released to the public, the designer gave the presentation a sense of creative verisimilitude.

The designs themselves were equally visually intriguing, featuring a neutral palette of black and white with pops of crimson and cobalt. Rather than place the emphasis on a range of vibrant hues, Jacobs instead honed in on more minute details including embellished lace, sprigs of feathers, and beaded illusion paneling.

If you dare to step outside the box of twee gingham gowns and cropped jorts for the Resort 2016 season, Jacobs' bold collection is the best place to start. And as an unexpected bonus, you already know exactly how each ensemble will appear strutting down the streets of New York.

Images: themarcjacobs/Instagram (2)