She Wants To Invite Dogs To Her Wedding

Kaley Cuoco's an adorable human person who has been starring in sitcoms for most of her adult life, so it doesn't really surprise us that she's got some cute but offbeat plans for her upcoming real-life nuptuals. Because Cuoco wants her wedding to be dogtastic. Like, super dogtastic. So doggy.

Cuoco made an appearance on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson last night, during which she discussed her wedding plans, saying “I’ve been planning my wedding for about 27 years, so I’ve got it planned out in my head.” Here are her plans, based on what she told Ferguson:

  • "I might ride in on one of my horses."
  • A horse-shaped cake? Nope. A dog-shaped cake: “I actually want to do it of my dogs. I’m obsessed with my dogs, and I wanted to do the cake in the shape of their heads.”
  • And the guests? “I’m a big animal freak. I would rather the animals there than real people.”

Cuoco has always been a documented animal lover — she's advocated for rescue pets, and she was injured falling off her horse a few year back, which had to be written into her story on The Big Bang Theory because of her cast. She also parlayed that experience into writing a song about needy animals.

It'll be fun to see the instagrammed results if Cuoco actually winds up going through with this theme.