The Travel Accessory You've Been Waiting For

Napping just got even more delicious. Turns out, our awkward and pain-inducing attempts to nap on trains, planes, and in cars are now over thanks to a new invention. Like, damn we wish we thought of this. The NapScarf is now a real thing, thanks to some well-slept geniuses in the U.K.

The NapScarf is a serious upgrade from those overstuffed, u-shaped travel pillows. And it, of course, beats the hell out of my balled up jacket-converted to-a-pillow thingy I'm using because I'm that desperate to catch some shut eye on this train ride home.

The NapScarf is a soft, fleece wrap scarf that unravels into a travel pillow that supports your neck better than anything else out there. All you have to do is wrap it around your neck and doze off.

The NapScarf is basically a hammock for your face, neck, and jaw - which sounds like heaven. You can position it so that you can lean to either side, or it can hold your chin. No more painful neck cramping or violent head jerks after dozing off (you know what I'm talking about).

It's small enough to take anywhere, and folds into a normal shape (unlike those other travel pillows). It retails for less than $30.00 and ships worldwide, and for free in the U.K.

If you're planning a big summer adventure - like a road trip with friends or backpacking through Europe with your sister - this might be the travel accessory that saves your sanity.

Images: NapScarf