Kelly Rowland's Mane Addicts Photoshoot Is Flawless

I've been experiencing an odd amount of hair envy as of late, and I recently stumbled upon another name to add to the list. Kelly Rowland's Mane Addicts photo shoot was giving me so many different vibes, it's hard to explain. A dash of Diana Ross; a smidge of Sade; and of course, Rowland herself.

The beauty posed for the hair centric blog, as one of their Mane Muses. The shoot was set up to the give glimpses into the past, with Rowland styled after the images of iconic women from those times. My favorite was the Farida Khelfa Goude-inspired style in which Rowland has a long, curly style, made up of tiny little spirals. The front is side-parted and pinned back, which is a lot like how I style my hair now. Except for, of course, my hair isn't down to my belly. Rowland also did a refined Diana Ross look, that's super etherial and sweet.

Interestingly enough, none of the styles were short. And if I can remember correctly, Rowland loved the pixie. Maybe that's why they chose to do all long looks. One of the looks was actually very similar to how Rowland even styles her hair today: slicked back into a ponytail (aka, the Sade look).

But from short to long, the fact remains that Rowland is beautiful in every style. Or as I like to say, Beyonce isn't the only one from Destiny's Child that's flawless. Check out my favorite looks, and see the whole photo shoot on Mane Addicts.