SF's New Water Conservation Campaign Gets Sexy

As California's epic drought continues, cities across the state are coming up with innovative ways to encourage environmental awareness, and San Francisco's water conservation campaign scores with its suggestive slogans.

Since the idea of dry, barren fields is as unsexy as it comes, the Public Utilities Commission decided to lube things up a bit to remind us that wetness is a sacred (and limited) resource. Of the eight ads circulating, a few happen to double as sex PSAs too, like "nozzle your hose" (your garden hose, that is) and "take turns" (when irrigating your crops). The rest are just innuendo-filled reminders to either take shorter showers, forgo power washing, replace your leaky toilet fixtures, stop watering your lawn, plant water-efficient plants, or buy a front-loading washer.

Although this campaign is pretty funny, the absence of rain in California is serious. Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order in January which required cities and towns to reduce water use by 25 percent or face fines.

According to the SF Gate, the city of San Francisco credits their racy ads with helping residents achieve some of the lowest levels of water use in the state last year, and with any luck, these sexy signs will help that streak continue.

Images: SF PUC/Facebook