Tom Ford Embodies The #DadBod Lifestyle And Admits To Dyeing His Beard To Cover His Gray Hairs

Remember the guy that wanted to copyright #DadBod as a lifestyle brand, but didn't necessarily have an idea what that would mean or look like? Well according to NYMag, Tom Ford epitomizes DadBod lifestyle and might just be the best spokesperson out there for the potential brand concept. In a recent interview, Ford shared his new day-to-day routine, revealing how becoming a parent rapidly transformed the stylish designer into an adorable dude just trying to juggle sleek with actually getting sleep.

While Ford used to be notorious for taking five baths a day, things have changed since the birth of his son. He's down to two baths (*gasp*) and admits to wearing the same clothes day after day, lamenting, "This old dirty suit! I literally just pick up the suit from the night before and put it on." At least Ford clearly doesn't suffer from the now common "wear it once and toss it" clothing approach.

Perhaps the cutest part of the interview, though, was when Ford talked beards and donuts. On describing his beard appearance, Ford said, "It's going quite grey, which I sometimes camouflage with Just For Men beard dye ... [but] just didn't even have the energy." This confession was followed by another — that he hasn't worked out in a traditional way in over two years, has a deep love of snuggling up with Hostess Donettes, and likes to be in bed with a book by 10 p.m. on an ideal night. Aww.


Hopefully he's at least washing his beard to get out the crumbs, but the image of fashion icon Ford snuggled in bed with books and donuts is freaking precious. Ford honestly sounds cuter than ever, and maybe #DadBod life is fueling his creativity, because his recent runway designs are on fire.

Image Credit: Giphy