The Coolest Shoe Brands You Should Be Following On Social Media, Because What's Better Than A Little Shoe Porn?

We all turn to Wall Street for business news and money advice, but financial institutions aren’t exactly known for their social media savvy, until today, that is. Danielle McCoy, an analyst at Wunderlich Securities Inc., released a report called “Mind, Body & Sole,” which names some of the coolest shoe brands on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

According to McCoy, consumers use social media to learn about new trends and see the latest offerings from their favorite brands. This isn’t surprising, considering brands are pushing for clickable links on Instagram and the popularity of Instagram shopping site LiketoKnow:It.

In her report, McCoy goes beyond naming shoe brands based on their number of followers and likes. She analyzed customers’ interactions with brands and highlighted companies with particularly passionate fans. While brands Steve Madden and Keds are popular on Instagram, Crocs has a Facebook fanbase. Its page is full of comments from customers who love the Crocs brand. Similarly, Ugg Australia has 2.4 million Facebook likes and responds directly to its customers’ inquiries on the page.

Outside of McCoy’s report, brands all over the world are competing to win over customers on social media. Athletic company Nike has 16 million Instagram followers and posts wanderlust-inducing photos of people working out around the world and behind-the-scenes photos and videos of its newest products.

From luxury brands to everyday ones, shoe companies are increasing their social media presence, which means more brand interaction for us and increased brand loyalty for them.

Images: Steve Madden/Instagram