Instagram Users Love Terrible Photos, Gaming Is Good For Families, And Other Surprising Studies Of The Week

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This sure won't help all of the criticism that Instagram is filled with pretentious, over-filtered pseudo-photography: It turns out that all of the qualities that make Instagram photos popular are also the same traits that point to, um, really crappy photography. Sorry, guys: You're not Ansel Adams quite yet.

Philadelphia research firm Curalate examined the photos that garnered the most "likes" across Instagram, and found that they shared a number of key traits. Typically, the photographs were: predominantly one color, usually blue; very bright; desaturated; and had a lot of background space. All of the above are hallmarks of cheap, Polaroid-esque photography, according to experts.

It may be time to rein in those sunset shots, guys. For more of this week's surprising studies, read on...

Image: knster/Flickr

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