17 Books You Can Read Over And Over And Still Keep Learning New Things

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A lot of books have great take-home messages that will get you thinking, but often, once you’ve put that book pack on the shelf, you’re sort of… done. You’ve figured out that The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe is actually a religious allegory, and then you’ve moved on. You reread Animal Farm after high school and you totally get it this time, but then you put it back on the shelf and get on with your day.

But sometimes you come across a book that teaches you something brand new every time you pick it up. And that’s pretty special. These 17 books never run out of things to say, whether it’s a new perspective on the meaning of existence, or a cultural commentary that resounds with you slightly differently with each passing year, or just another cool fact about panda bears you didn’t know you needed.

Image: Anne Varak/flickr

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