Where To Find Hillary's Kick-Off Speech

Make no mistake, Saturday was a huge day for the Democratic presidential race, so if you're a liberal, progressive, or even just a centrist voter who's grown tired of the growing GOP field, you'll want to take note. Speaking to a throng of supporters on New York City's Roosevelt Island, Hillary Clinton gave the first rally speech of her 2016 candidacy, outlining a slew of issues she plans to tackle in the months to come. So, where can you find Hillary Clinton's campaign kick-off speech?

Fortunately, when you're talking about the first major campaign event for a woman who could very well be the next president of the United States — assuming a sharp, competently run campaign, a receptive electorate, and a dash of luck here or there — you don't have to look all that hard to find a way to take it all in. This is especially true thanks to the inimitable C-SPAN, perhaps the foremost public affairs and politics resource in the country — they aired the entire event live, and now, they've got it up for all to see.

And even better, they've set it so that other outlets can embed the video, meaning you needn't look any further than, well, right here!

Now, you may look at that run time and think, "Yikes, she talked for two hours?" But never fear, the actual part you probably want to see doesn't start until about one hour and twelve minutes in, when Clinton takes the stage and begins addressing the assembled crowd. That's not to assume you don't want to watch her supporters mill around for an hour while music plays in the background — well, actually, I kind of am assuming that.

Clinton spoke for approximately 45 minutes, and she laid out a number of issues that she says her campaign will focus on in the coming weeks. As you might expect, given the celebratory, introductory nature of the event, she wasn't exactly digging into the weeds on this stuff — not yet, at least. But she gave a clear impression of what we'll be hearing her emphasize as the campaign rolls along (credit to Vox for the transcript).

In the coming weeks, I'll propose specific policies to:

Reward businesses who invest in long term value rather than the quick buck - because that leads to higher growth for the economy, higher wages for workers, and yes, bigger profits, everybody will have a better time.

I will rewrite the tax code so it rewards hard work and investments here at home, not quick trades or stashing profits overseas.

I will give new incentives to companies that give their employees a fair share of the profits their hard work earns.

We will unleash a new generation of entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing tax relief, cutting red tape, and making it easier to get a small business loan.

We will restore America to the cutting edge of innovation, science, and research by increasing both public and private investments.

And we will make America the clean energy superpower of the 21st century.

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Suffice to say, the crowd was pretty receptive to these ideas, cheering intermittently throughout. Obviously, it's impossible to say so early how her campaign will go from here. But as a first rallying of the troops, so to speak, her Saturday speech went over like a big success,

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