New Hope for Personal Assistants, via Karl Lagerfeld

Watch out, Babtiste Giabiconi, you gorgeous thing: There’s a new face in town. A total newcomer to modeling entirely, Sébastien Jondeau struck gold when Karl Lagerfeld tapped him for a new campaign. Karl Lagerfeld’s personal assistant and bodyguard of 14 years can now add model to his résumé. That is, should he ever decide to leave Uncle Karl for another gig. He is hopelessly loyal, and told WWD he spends all of his time with Lagerfeld. “I have no limits, to protect him at least,” said Jondeau whose devotion, according to the paper, was “plain in his eyes.”

And with a click of the camera, Mr. Lagerfeld has created a new triple threat breed: Bodyguard/personal assistant/model. Jondeau’s move to model has given hope to personal assistants the world over. Take heed, disheartened PAs. Practice your runway walk on the way to Starbucks, or work a Blue Steel when turning middle management away from impromptu meeting requests. Keep that devotion clear in your eyes, stick around a few (read: 14) years, and keep up your appearance. Try boxing (or, you know, bodyguarding,) like Jondeau. You never know when your big break will come.