The 11 Best Uses of "Bitch," 2013: Yeah, Bitch!

It's universally acknowledged that when the word "bitch" is used to degrade a woman, it's certifiably abhorrent. But when it's used as an empowering, motivational tool, a term of endearment, or a modifier for anything out of Jesse Pinkman's mouth, it crosses over from terrible to awesome. And in 2013, we encountered quite a few memorable "bitches." Click on to remember them!

You Better WERK

Britney Spears burst back into our lives with the semi-aspirational jam, “Work Bitch.” Sure, it irks me that she’s using her faux-British accent again and that the title doesn’t have a comma where it’s so sorely needed. But turn this on and just try not to let it consume you. It’ll make you werk, bitch — whether you like it or not.

Image: Vevo/ Britney Spears

Yo, Bitch.

Yes, Jesse Pinkman has been saying “bitch” for many years prior to 2013, but this year became the year of Breaking Bad , and along with it came Pinkman’s favorite conversation modifier. Of course, the best use might be actor Aaron Paul’s favorite “Yeah, bitch” when Jesse finally escapes Todd’s meth monkey dungeon and hole in the ground.

Image: AMC

Bitch, He Might Be

When Gucci Mane was on on trial for assault, rumors swirled around the Internet that he actually responded to the judge’s inquiry about his guilt with his famous lyric, “Bitch, I might be.” It turned out to be false, but man, we wish it were true.

Image: Reddit/trapmuzik

Yes, Your Majesty

Buda Mendes/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We didn’t receive a ton of new music from King Bey this year, but when we did, it came with one command: ”Bow Down, Bitches.” We don’t like being told what to do, but this is Beyoncé doing the asking — and to be honest, we were already doing it.

Best Senior Quote Ever

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One high school senior found her way around school rules when pulling her senior quote. Her string of elements, when written out with their periodic table symbols, spelled an awesome, genius surprise: (F) flourine (U) uranium (C) carbon (K) potassium (Bi) bismuth (Tc) technetium (He) helium (S) sulfur (Ge) germanium (Tm) thulium (O) oxygen (Ne) neon (Y) yttrium. Yeah, that’s a Biggie lyric that goes: “Fuck bitches, get money.” Yeah, Science, bitch!

The original image was removed from, but you can see it here.


On Parks and Recreation, Leslie is scandalized to know that Donna complains about her on Twitter with the hashtag “#bitchboss.” However, after a lengthy Twitter-trial with City Council, Donna comes around, switch her Leslie hashtag to the sweet “#bossbitch.” It’s amazing what a little switcheroo can do.

Image: NBC

"Bitches Gots to Learn"

When Piper on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black finally reached her turning point at Lichfield Prison, she cornered a mouthy girl in wheelchair, a visitor from the Scared Straight program, and told her what it was really like in prison. ”The truth catches up with you in here, Dina. And it’s the truth that’s gonna make you her bitch.” True, this was pretty cold, especially for Piper, but she has a point: “Bitches gots to learn.”

Image: Netflix

Spring Break Forever

If we were putting these in categories, this Spring Breakers line would definitely be “most haunting bitch.” It’s the line that presides over the dark Harmony Korine flick, which found four college girls corrupted by a South Florida drug peddler (James Franco). And the words that hung over the entire film like a pall was the simple battle cry: “Spring break forever, bitches.”

Image: A24

Damn, Girl

In Kick-Ass 2, it’s up to Hit-Girl to take charge and whip Kick-Ass into shape. Only he’s being a whiny, lazy bum, and she has to snap him out of it (on more than one occasion). This “bitch” is the line that only Chloë Moretz could make work as well as it does: “You act like a bitch, you get slapped like a bitch.” Boom. If she had a mic, this is where she’d drop it.

Image: Universal/ Kick-Ass 2

Work (Out) Bitch

“Work Bitch” is great on its own, but it was also great as part of New Girl’s recent workout montage between Coach and Nick. (Note to self: add “Work Bitch” to running playlist.) And while this is sort of cheating (“Work Bitch” was already our number one pick), just think about how jealous it will make Schmidt.

Image: Fox

I'm Going to Go With Gladiators

In the season premiere of Scandal , Olivia Pope’s team bands together to save her from going down in history as President Grant’s mistress. When the team balks, Harrison demands: “Are we gladiators or are we bitches?” Well, I believe the answer you’re looking for is “gladiators,” but it let be known that we are also bad bitches (similar, of course, to boss bitches). [Indiscriminate camera clicking noises.]

Image: ABC

Surprise, Bitch

It’s so good, we had to show it in GIF form. On American Horror Story: Coven’s penultimate 2013 episode, Emma Roberts’ Madison makes a triumphant return to the coven after Fiona slit her throat. She’s not the Supreme, but as part of a hoax to get Fiona to off herself, Madison gets to appear in all her undead glory and claim her status as the Supreme ensured she didn’t die. To Fiona’s look of horror, Madison gives a girlish twirl and cutely smirks: “Surprise, bitch.”

Image: PandaWhale