Mary Katrantzou's Latest Adidas Collab Is Here

It seems that proving your worthiness in the fashion world is best done with an Adidas Originals collection. Given that Mary Katrantzou just debuted her second (tennis-inspired) Adidas collection, she's pretty much winning the fashion game at this point. From Selena Gomez to Pharell to Rita Ora, Adidas has recruited fashion icons far and wide over the past year. But London-based designer Katrantzou knows exactly what's up when it comes to trends, making her Adidas collaboration much-anticipated to say the very least.

Katrantzou's latest collaboration is reminiscent of her classic prints and designs, which is to be expected. Some pieces, like a structured suit pant and army cut dress, show off a tribalistic flair, while a sporty, pleated skirt with a matching track jacket is the eptiome of Serena William's fashion (straight off the tennis court in its funky pattern, natch). It's a perfect marriage of athleisure and Katrantzou's recognizable aesthetic. Oh, and there's even a platform sandal with this new collaboration — I know, I know. It's awesome.

If you're the type of person who perfers comfort without losing style (because, let's face it, who doesn't?), this new collab hits the perfect sweet spot between high fashion and effortless streetwear. Be sure to check out the full collection and get ready to save your pennies for fashion's latest ode to the court.