Ellie Goulding's Makeup-Free Selfie Is Flawless

It's always refreshing when celebrities post Instagram photos without tons of makeup on, but Ellie Goulding's makeup-free selfie is particularly inspiring (and needless to say, stunning). Not only did the British singer post a bare faced snap on her Instagram, but she also slammed haters, proving she's the strong, confident role model we all know her to be. You tell 'em, Ellie.

The Lights singer posted a selfie sans makeup last week, igniting some pretty tasteless and nasty comments from social media trolls. Haters said that she looked "unrecognizable" and even went so far as to call the photo "ugly." While many might be prompted to delete the photo (or cry over a pint of ice cream), Goulding stood up for herself and showed the haters who's boss. The 28-year-old tweeted, “I’ll keep posting makeup-free photos sorry haters." She even went so far as to tell them to stop following her if that's how they want to behave. “And also if you follow me on Instagram just to make weird comments like ‘put some makeup on’ please unfollow because that’s not really my vibe,” Ellie tweeted.

Goulding continued with the positivity, urging her fans to post their own makeup-free selfies, which she then retweeted.

Her selfie is beautiful, but her confidence makes her even more so. Hopefully, more celebrities can continue to inspire fans to love themselves for who they are. And the trolls just need to go back into their caves.

Images: Getty Images; elliegoulding/Instagram