Chobani Yogurt Commercial Features Lesbian Couple, Makes Us Sexually Confused About Yogurt All Over Again — VIDEO

I have spent the better part of my adulthood already sexually confused by yogurt, thanks to John Stamos licking spoons in Oikos ads. Alas, now that this Chobani yogurt commercial with a lesbian couple has hit the airwaves, it has pretty much given me unrealistic yogurt expectations for the rest of my life. It's getting to the point where I'm going to pop a Go-Gurt open and be really confused when I look to my left and don't see anybody immediately willing to have sex with me. HOW CAN I BE SO FULL OF CALCIUM AND STILL SO ALONE?!

My dairy disappointment aside, I love every second of this commercial. Even without any words, even with thirty seconds of literally just eating yogurt and stealing covers, they portray this relationship so beautifully that I kind of want a yogurt commercial movie of the two of them. How awesome that we now live in a world where advertisers like this will represent a bigger part of the spectrum of human relationships? Sure, this is just one small commercial, but seeing LGBT relationships represented in ads this thoughtfully and realistically (minus the part where people look that hot eating yogurt) makes me hope that some genuine progress is not so far away.

Behold, the couple who will give you so much yogurt envy that you will also consider stealing someone else's yogurt from the break fridge right now:


Here's the full commercial:

Chobani on YouTube

The moral of this story, kids, is the more you eat yogurt, the more likely you are to get laid. On a beach. With a random man playing guitar in the background. (Sold.)

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