Mom And Son Get High Together For The First Time, And This Is What The "Circle Of Life" Is All About — VIDEO

Getting high isn't a fun activity exclusively for teens in tie-dye hiding in public parks. As evidenced by a fleet of realistic weed smoker stock photos this past 4/20, the public is finally getting wised up and open to the truth that kind of a lot of people enjoy weed. Even your parents (maybe). This new video of a mom and son smoking pot together for the first time basically re-calibrated my own personal goals for summer 2015.

A very good friend of mine from college also just opted out when the rest of us were puff-puffing. After graduation, he finally relaxed and entered the fun world of chiefing. Since then, he and his mother in Tampa spend all major holidays sharing a bong, good food, and even better hangs. Honestly, it sounds like a truly dreamy time. I've smoked weed with other people's parents and some friends who are parents and it was pretty cool (albeit a little scary when I was younger and terrified of getting in trouble because, well, #paranoia). But I have never done so with my parents and probably never will. I am 100% jealous of this seemingly perfect activity to share with people who have known you since birth, as they were responsible for that in the first place.


Although Illie started using cannabis oil to help calming the digestive upset effects of her chemotherapy, she'd never actually smoked pot with her son, Scott. It's insanely adorable to watch him light the bowl for her. Must be a lot different from dabbing cannabis oil or however you ingest that (a thing I have never done but absolutely would, if given the chance). did it go?


Close to 999 laughs. I seriously don't get why all parents and (adult) children can't get down on this concept. I mean, I guess the whole ~law~ thing in some places could be a minor hiccup, but...please see what I mean:

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Although smoking weed with your parents as a child-child seems inherently more morally questionable, what about when you are an adult-child? Surely that's gotta be OK. For starters, there exists the pro-pot group Moms For Marijuana International. Founding director Sera Frank said in 2013:

“Everywhere we look our families are bombarded with advertisements for these drugs. Our societies benefit from taxes placed on the manufacture and sale of these drugs. Yet, we can’t make the decision to choose one of the most commonly used drugs, one that has proven to be much safer than all the rest? That’s just not logical.”

A fairly solid point, especially considering the fact plenty of adult-children can freely get hammered at a wedding's open bar with their parents. It's really not much different. In fact, it's easy to argue how smoking weed with the 'rents could be safer and ultimately a better option. For starters:

You don't have to go anywhere

A bowl between a parent and an adult-child is actually probably best enjoyed at home. No need to scream over a raucous dive crowd or feel weird about elbows at a classier bar with wine names you can't pronounce. Plus, staying in rules. Which also means—

Ain't no one around to judge your silly, stoned convo

You can legit wonder aloud with the people who brought you into this world about the most out-there stuff sans worry of "sounding stoned." Of course you sound stoned! It's because you are stoned! With your parents! I am jealous and yelling! Anyway, you get the idea.

You can be candid

More real talk and honest, affectionate words.


Perhaps No. 1 reason, TBH.

Basically this is an open-invite to anyone in my family to smoke weed with me at any time at all. I'm here. I'm waiting.

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