What Is The Quality Of Life Around The World? MoveHub's Infographic Has A Way Of Putting Things In Perspective

Have you ever found yourself staring out the office window, wishing you could pack your bags and move to South America like your impulsive best friend from high school? It's almost everyone's favorite daydream, but before you start buying a plane ticket, you might want to check out this infographic depicting the quality of life around the world. Even if you've visited a country, there's no way to tell how happy the population is until you actually live there. It's possible to get an idea, however, if you just ask the country's residents, which is exactly what international moving site Movehub did when they compiled the results of Numbeo.com's online surveys into one handy infographic. Movehub's Sergiu George writes that the surveys analyzed factors like safety, living costs, income, and happiness to rank countries by quality of life, and the results are eye-opening. It probably won't come as a shock that much of Europe ranks near the top of the list; Switzerland, Denmark, and Norway consistently rank among the happiest countries in the world each year. Going by the infographic, you might want to rethink your plan to move to Brazil and enjoy the sun, because much of South America appears to have a mediocre-to-low quality of life. There is are a few unexpected results, though. Saudi Arabia and Oman ranked as sixth and seventh in terms of quality of life, just behind Sweden and ahead of both Australia and the United States. Surprisingly, Cuba was named the country with the lowest quality of life, although Movehub notes that some countries have "low data reliability," while others had no available data at all. Additionally, the website pointed out that the statistics were drawn from online surveys rather than government reports. Even so, the infographic has a way of putting things in perspective. Check it out below:


Image: Movehub