Sara Should Be Worried On 'Revenge'

Sunday night's episode of ABC's Revenge played host to the most highly anticipated bridal shower of the season, which brought us (of course) some typical Revenge scheming. Naturally, Emily has succeeded in outfoxing Victoria at her own game, and things with Daniel took yet another unexpected turn. But the star of the shower was Daniel's ex, Sara Munello. And Sara should be worried — she has no idea what she's dealing with. She may be from the other side of the tracks, but, as the original object of Victoria's scorn, Sara should absolutely know better than to get immersed in the Grayson drama again.

We all knew that Daniel's "I feel so guilty" act was going to come to this, because he's Conrad and Victoria's son after all. He still has feelings for Sara, and her reappearance in his life couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Now, he can reevaluate his engagement and impending marriage. (He sounded an awful lot like John Cusack in Serendipity, but a lot less sincere.) Because, again, Daniel is the most easily manipulated man I've ever seen in my entire life. (Sometimes it actual concerns me that Josh Bowman is too good at playing Daniel — might girlfriend Emily VanCamp manipulate him in real life? I worry for you, Daniel! Er, Josh!)

Victoria has been begging Sara to get involved with the bridal shower since she got hired to make the wedding cake for the Thorne-Grayson nuptials. She finally relented. So, clearly, Sara and Daniel have been meeting in cute, secret, Pinterest-y places (like the farmers market) since last week's episode and throwing innuendos at one another like it was their jobs. Emily, who's neither stupid nor willing admit defeat, put on an impressive faux-breakdown after she catches Sara at the market that convinces Sara to stop getting involved. Which makes her feel bad for like, a second, but then Victoria convinces her to go on.

Sara needs to be worried, because Emily might actually be legitimately crazy. (Why has she not come up with a better plan to bring down the Graysons than a wedding? So many things can and are going wrong here.) First off, even though we knew she was joking, Emily's partial-breakdown (including on-demand crying) was so believable that I almost thought she was actually in love with Daniel. And secondly, Sara's goody-two-shoes act will get her nowhere.

After a debacle at the bridal shower via a game that served as the coming out party for Emily's "ex-husband," Sara panics and tells Victoria that she refuses to be a part of her games anymore. She tells Victoria and that she's the one hurting Daniel, not Emily, and it's pretty terrible for a mother to want to do that to her son. So, Sara says, she's out. Well, until Daniel calls her over to the Grayson males' family bachelor pad (I kid you not, this actually happened) and professes his undying love for her. There's really no hope for this girl at all — when Emily finds out about their night, she comes up with another plan to keep Daniel on the straight and narrow track to the alter: a faux-baby.

RED ALERT, SARA! Emily is a crazy bitch. Faux-breakdown, faux-tears, and faux-baby? (Well, and faux-shooting at the wedding in three weeks.) She's pulling out all of the stops to make sure that this wedding happens as planned. Daniel might love Sara, feel bad for almost paralyzing her for life by being a rich, drunk-driving frat boy, and be ready to call off his wedding for her, but he can't save her from Emily. Because, let's be honest, he couldn't even save himself from her if he tried.

That poor girl (who I don't really feel bad for because she slept with someone's fiancée) has a storm coming, and it's going to be far worse than the one she weathered from the Graysons after Daniel's accident. She should be watching her back and checking around corners, because she just made the top of Emily's take-down list. And that's the world's worst place to be.

Seriously, Sara, you don't.

Images: ABC, Wifflegif