Gucci's Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Hits The Streets For A Cool, Urban Aesthetic With A Hint Of Vintage

It's not even officially summer yet, but the fall fashion ads are already rolling in, and Gucci's Fall 2015 campaign is definitely one that'll make you anticipate the new season (even though saying so long to summer is no easy feat).

Though we're still getting used to Gucci's new Creative Director, Alessandro Michele's, fresh artistic vision, we are most definitely already liking what we see. He brought a cool, 70's vibe in Gucci's pre-fall campaign, and for the fall ads, he's giving us an urban, luxe quality that feels far more like an editorial than an advertisement.

The campaign spotlights models wandering around the city, doing commonplace activities such as waiting for the subway and riding the bus. It's not fantastical or otherworldly, instead, it's a depiction of the unglamorous aspects of city living, made far more alluring and seductive by the cool and sensual clothing.

The campaign isn't as sexy as we've known Gucci campaigns to be in the past, but the toned down sex appeal and vintage aesthetic makes this ad series all the more intriguing. Given these past two campaigns, I can't wait to see what else Michele has in store for us in the future.

Images: Gucci (3)