15 Donald Trump Tweets That Sound Like A Bad Joke (But Were Actually Meant To Be Serious)

Making the American political landscape even more horrifying, real estate businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy Tuesday afternoon. The host of Celebrity Apprentice, zillionaire, and co-owner of the Miss Universe pageant announced Tuesday that he would be joining the crowded Republican race to be president of the United States.

Trump has tinkered with the idea of running before, but on Tuesday made his intentions official this time from Trump Tower. And, even more frighteningly, some political analysts warn not to discount him. Since Fox News' announcement that only 10 candidates would be allowed to speak at the August Republican debates, conservatives have been more aggressive to get a coveted space. Trump just might be one of the lucky debaters. He received a 27 percent favorability rating in Iowa, according to a poll by The Des Moines Register. Only 4 percent of Iowans likely to vote in the caucuses named Trump as their first choice, but that still puts him ahead of Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, and George Pataki, who have all been in the race longer. Eek.

Even though those numbers might not end up revealing much about how the race will turn out, the poll is somewhat frightening, especially because it was published two weeks before Trump even announced his intention to run. If you need a little convincing on why a Trump presidency would be so unnerving, just follow him on Twitter. The TV personality's tweets are infamous for being sexist, rude, and simply uninformed. Here are 15 of the most absurd, but the list doesn't stop here. Believe me.

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On Repealing

It's incredibly troubling that this man is running for president but doesn't know that presidents cannot repeal laws. We've got a good one here, folks.

On The Amtrak Accident

Trump had a series of really classy tweets right after the Amtrak train accident. He really does know just when to open his mouth.

On The Economy

Really bad, you say? Wow, that kind of intricate economic analysis does deserve some credit. So does that "I told you so" toddler response.

On Being Team Edward

Don't you dare, Robert. Trump just wants you to be happy.

On The TODAY Show

Right. Trump can call me when he finally wins that Emmy.

On Arianna Huffington

It never really makes sense why Trump loves making ugly comments like this about women's appearances. Could he be insecure about his hair?

On Gas Prices

Because the president has direct control over gas prices. Exxon and BP are awaiting his call right now.

On Being Green

So I'm guessing Trump is not a climate change advocate. It's funny to imagine Barack Obama in the White House, reaching into his presidential wallet to give the Environmental Protection Agency its weekly Thursday allowance.

On Kicking Brass

President Trump would have to make semi-monthly trips to his tower to personally polish the atrium. Otherwise, no one would think he was successful.

On Obama's Famous Election Loss

Am I misremembering history? Was there a war or new president that didn't make it into the history books?


On Really Hating The Earth

Trump really needs to hope no one brings up the environment at the debates. He might say something like this.

On Fighting Hurricane Sandy

All the people whose houses were destroyed in the storm just weren't as motivated as Trump. They could learn a lot from him.

On Evil Light Bulbs

He's made his stance on environmental issues very clear. Those light bulbs will kill the country quicker than Obama!

On Evil Basketball

Basketball is ruining this country. It's all a conspiracy from Nike.

On Trump's Journalistic Integrity

Please, please read and review this story, Mr. Trump. One person actually is acting for this.

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