'Grey's Anatomy' Hints At 'Princess Diaries 3' During The Season Finale Episode & We All Missed It

When the news broke this morning that The Princess Diaries 3 might be happening, I was as blindsided as any of you. Even when it was revealed that the Princess Diaries sequel isn't happening after all, my head was still reeling, because I'd had no idea something like this could be in the works, and, as far as I knew, it came out of nowhere. So, I rejoiced with all of you, wrote my open letter to Anne Hathaway begging her to return for the third movie even though she has, like, an Oscar and stuff, and went about my day. But then, just now — just now — I discovered that we all did have warning that something like this could happen, and I completely let you down by missing it. After all, I fancy myself a pop culture detective, so I must have been asleep on the job not to notice notice that Grey's Anatomy hid a huge clue hinting that The Princess Diaries might get a threequel in their finale episode.

In between people getting cut out of cars and on-again-off-again weddings, there was something, or rather someone lurking right under our noses trying to point us toward the idea of PD3: Lilly Moscovitz! Or, rather, the actress playing her, Heather Matarazzo. She appeared in the Grey's Season 11 finale, "You're My Home" as Joan Paulson. JOAN! As in... "Joan't forget there could always be another film in your favorite Disney series."

Okay, so it's a stretch, but I'm just so devastated that this movie isn't actually happening that I'm just grasping at straws at this point. What if we had picked up on the clue? Then would the movie have happened? Is this all my fault? I will never forgive myself.

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