'Google Sheep View' Tumblr Collects Sheep Pictures From Around The World, Because Who Doesn't Love The Fluffy Little Critters?

Do you love sheep, Google maps, or all of the above? If so, you might want to sit down before you read about Google Sheep View, the Tumblr that collects sheep pictures from around the world. In addition to its genius name, the website can now boast that it is the winner of the highly-coveted "Most Specific Tumblr of the Week" award, an honor which I have just now created. Congratulations, Google Sheep View!According to Mashable, creators Ding Ren and Mike Karabinos were fans of every traveler's favorite pastime: staring at sheep out the window of whatever train they were riding at the time. As frequent players of GeoGuessr, a game in which users try to guess the location of various Google Street View images, Ren and Karabinos decided to combine their love for sheep with their passion for geography, and the result became Google Sheep View. Apparently, the process is more involved than you'd think — Ren told Mashable that it takes "time and precision", although recent media attention has brought an influx of new followers who submit photos of their own woolly friends. In order to find the perfect "sheep view," Ren and Karabinos use old-fashioned logic, starting with rural areas of the U.K., New Zealand, and other areas known for having more sheep than people.

Although there's no way to tell how many followers the Tumblr has, it has gotten a surprising amount of media attention, receiving coverage from Mashable, Mental Floss, the A. V. Club, and now it can add Bustle to the list. Who knew so many people were fans of sheep?

If this sounds like your cup of tea (or should I say... your size of wool sweater), head over to the Google Sheep View Tumblr to check out other submissions.

Images: Ding Ren, Mike Karabinos, Google Sheep View/Tumblr (4); Giphy