ThreadStats Tracks J. Crew Prices Letting You Know When To Get The Best Deal On That Blazer

If you're anything like me, you've gone to a J.Crew store or the J.Crew website and painfully lusted after an article of clothing that's far too expensive for you to purchase. There are multiple stages that one goes through when shopping at the chic, yacht-ready brand including but not limited to price tag shock. Now, though, ThreadStats can track J. Crew prices over time to get you the best possible deal, and we can't thank them enough.

J. Crew has been plagued with poor sales, but recently, the brand made a major announcement. Sister company Madewell's designer extraordinaire Somsack Sikhounmuong is now heading up the brand's women's division. Madewell's claim to fame has been a kind of classic style with an edge, and hopefully that edge can translate into J. Crew' design. The brand has been going through some changes internally, and earlier this year, they attempted to make the business wear onesie happen which wasn't the greatest call, but with a show runner like Jenna Lyons, and Sikhounmuong's new title, I'm confident the brand is about to bounce back big time.

Now that the brand is set for a major surge thanks to the dynamic duo, it's the perfect time to start checking out ThreadStats's tracking tool! The site lists every available item of clothing on the J.Crew site and tracks its price over a period of time. The items have been organized into categories as well as by product name and description making it ultra easy for you to look for that skirt you've been lusting after for a while. The site marks the lowest price in the past thirty days, and it allows you to set up e-mail notifications that will alert you when prices on items drop. So never fear walking into J.Crew again because ThreadStats has definitely got you covered.

Image Credit: @jcrew/Instagram