10-Year-Old Boy Rescues Children From Mobile Home Fire In Florida — VIDEO

There has been a lot to give children credit for recently. (And always.) Kids reacting to Caitlyn Jenner was absolutely beautiful, for example. Children are constantly going above and beyond for ~all of us~, so it's no surprise that we have yet another child hero among us. He is 10-year-old Isaiah Francis, who rescued two babies from a mobile home fire in Oakland, Florida. Francis noticed the fire when he was playing at a friend's house, and rushed over to see what was going on. Francis then dragged two children out of the house, carrying one in each arm, while the children's father attempted to put out the fire. Orange County fire rescuers appeared on the scene after, and pulled two other children to safety. But the hero of the day was Isaiah Francis.

Francis told WFTV that he was very scared when he went in to rescue the children. "My heart was beating so fast," he said.

The children Francis rescued were 6 months old and 18 months old. Jeremiah Grimes, Isaiah's friend who was playing video games with him when the fire started, was also on the scene. Grimes helped Francis rescue the children and called the fire department.

At one point, Grimes was inside the mobile home, while talking to 911:

“I cannot see. It’s smoke, it’s everywhere. If you walk in the house it’s fire,” Grimes said during the first 911 call, according to WFTV.

Watch the full video and prepare to be stunned by the actions of these two boys:

The Orange County Mayor plans to honor the two boys and thank them for their heroic actions.

Images: YouTube