Taraji P. Henson Reveals Her Favorite Makeup & Her Biggest Hair Concern

You've already probably seen Taraji P. Henson's hot new cover for Allure's latest issue, but what you haven't learned is what her go-to makeup products are. According to Allure, Taraji P. Henson reveals her favorite makeup and gets real by sharing what hair struggles she goes through. Who would've ever guessed that Henson would have concerns with her gorgeous 'do?

In an interview with Allure, Henson said that her favorite makeup product is the, "amazing highlight-contour stick: Perfect Blend [by Ashunta Sheriff]." I'm going to guess that product is what played a big part in giving Henson that glowing look in her cover photo of next month's issue of Allure . Oh, and can't forget about how on-point her hair game was. But even hair queen Henson has some hair struggles.

She tells Allure, "My hair is very curly, very different from when I blow-dry and straighten it. With humidity, it will convert back to its curly state. So I can't sweat. I have to be really still and stay in the cool." In order help keep it straight, one of her best hair secrets is to, "wrap it in a scarf at night."

Head over to Allure for the rest of the interview.

Image: tarajiphenson/Instagram