The "Bitch I'm Madonna" Music Video Features On Point Hair, From Pastel Colors To Flowing Locks

Only Madonna would release something as ridiculously amazing as her latest music video. The “Bitch I’m Madonna” video dropped on Wednesday and is full of fabulous moments, most of which revolve around hair, IMO. That’s right, hair. Because there’s nothing like a great hair flip to prove you’re the HBIC, right Madonna?

From Rita Ora to Alexander Wang, there was some flawless hair in this circus of a video. The singer herself sported a pink dip dye look (which is totally in right now), and it totally matched her whole rock ‘n roll, kick butt and take names vibe. And Nicki Minaj did an all-over cotton candy pink look with bangs that was pastel perfection.

Ora, Beyoncé and Wang stayed true to the way they normally style their hair, which was all they had to do because they always look on point IRL. I wouldn’t expect anything less than total perfection from them, and of course they delivered. They may not all be Madonna (because, let's face it, there's only one), but I mean, they’re pretty close.

Check out the video below, and behold all the absolutely fantastic hair, because these 'dos are definitely the best part of this video.



The fact that her hair matches her jacket is so Madonna.

Nicki Minaj

Just the right shade of pink. Love, love, love this look.

Rita Ora

These braids are everything right now.


Mesmerizing, as always.

Alexander Wang

He is working it with those dark luscious locks. And those dance moves!

Images: Screengrab Youtube (6)