Guy Scares His Mom Over And Over, And Her Reaction Is So Perfect That We Need A Music Video Of It — VIDEO

For some unknown reason, this guy keeps scaring his mother, and her reaction is priceless. As much as I want her son to stop giving her a heart attack, I also genuinely appreciate his cause because the results are on point: She reacts in the same ridiculous way every time. The whole scenario also begs the question, how do parents put up with their kids? Parents give their children life, happiness, beautiful toys, and endless love. Kids give their parents small doses of terror, and then make YouTube videos about it. What part of this deal is sounding fair? Exactly none of it, if you ask me. Bless all the parents out there for putting up with our $h*t and finding it rewarding. We salute you.

This son jumps out at his mother, yelling, screaming, or just casually singing, and her fright is the only reaction GIF that will ever matter from now on. (You'll need to turn the volume up on your computer, because her British accent is really what perfects her shriek of terror.) Not only does she scare easily, but she scares loudly.

Before we get to the video, I took the liberty of making a few essential reaction GIFs:

Side angle GIF option:

Bird's eye view GIF option:

Now let's put this reaction GIF to use with a few ~topical scenarios~.

When Donald Trump announces his candidacy for 2016:

When you haven't gotten a Father's Day gift yet:

When you finish work on Friday, get home, and the wine's already gone:

The reactions GIFs have been put to the test, and they hold up in any scenario.

Watch the full video:

Now go thank your mother for putting up with you.

Images: ABC; YouTube(6)