Solange's Anya Hindmarch Bag Comes In Pure Gold

Make room in your pantry, er, accessories drawer. That snack-food inspired Anya Hindmarch "Crisp Packet" bag — you know, the one Solange brought to the Met Gala the night of Elevatorgate — is being released in 18 karat gold, including yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

The clutch was modeled after a Walkers Crisps bag and is made seasonally in various colors, like neon pink and orange for summer, alongside perennial metallic shades like copper, which is the shade Solange carried at the 2014 Met Gala. Most versions cost between $1600-$1800. But the precious metal versions are handmade — the 18 karat yellow gold version takes four months — and ring in around $95,200. That’s about 95,200 actual bags of chips, if you're keeping track.

Although clearly not an impulse buy, Ms. Hindmarch told NYT that she believes the bag is “wearable art; a very fluid, sculptural piece.”

Although the incident that brought about its popularity was unfortunate, there's no denying it also boosted business for Hindmarch. The "Crisp Packet" bags frequently sell out online. Negative associations aside, it's a really nice purse. If you can afford to shell out the cash for one (OK, maybe not the solid gold version), I'd recommend you do it!

Hindmarch is no stranger to kooky design, especially when it comes to sugary goodies. Her recent collection included an electric blue tote with a portrait of Tony the Tiger splashed across the side, and her current line has clutches modeled after packs of Hubba Bubba and Wrigley’s gum.

Frosties Maxi Featherweight Ebury Tote, about $2,143

If you love putting your money where your mouth is but don't want to drop rent on a clutch, Instructables has a pretty good step-by-step for making your own Potato Chip Bag Wallet.

Images : Anya Hindmarch