Kylie Jenner Posts Makeup Free Selfie, Because Who Says She Can't Go Au Natural From Time To Time?

She must have taken a little makeup (or lack there of) inspo from her sister Kourtney, you guys, because Kylie Jenner posted a makeup free selfie to Instagram, or at least it that's how it appears. Even if she happens to be wearing product, this is way more sublte than anything we normally see on the heavily made up 17-year-old. Her usual contoured look is gorgeous, but Kylie is totally ruling the Web with this natural look.

Jenner has been on a little bit of a body positive kick of late. She recently spoke out against haters who were putting her down for her weight on social media, posting a photo captioned, “behind the scenes. (yes I gained weight there I said it so u don’t have too) :).” And now she's posting a photo with no-makeup on! Gasp! For all of you out there who assumed she'd never show her face without layers of makeup, well, she did. And she looks amazing.

The photo wasn't captioned, accompanied only by a plane emoji implying she must be traveling. I’m loving this "roll out of bed and hop on my private jet" kind of look on her, and I'm feeling inspired to do the same thing next time I travel. Who wants to cake makeup on to just sit on a plane for hours anyways, right? This minimal travel style is where it’s at!

She giving us typical Kylie with her pose (those pursed lips!), just with less makeup. And she pulls if off so well!

Day. Made. I'm digging these no-makeup vibes right now.