11 Nip + Fab Beauty Products That Will Leave You Feeling As Cool As Kylie Jenner

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I remember first hearing about this British bath and body company after Kylie Jenner's endorsement of Nip + Fab a few months ago. The Kardashian trendsetter is definitely a perfect brand ambassador for the company, since Nip + Fab is on the tip of everyone's tongue — including mine.

During a recent Target trip, I saw an abundance of Nip + Fab products in their skincare section and was intrigued by the amazing smell coming from the bottles of product on the shelf. I picked up a few to try and immediately fell in love with everything. If you, too, want to be like Kylie Jenner, here are a few of the best products the brand has to offer.

To show you just how great Nip + Fab products are, I've put together a list of 11 life changing products from the brand that I know will show you just how fabulous Nip + Fab is. Need one more reason to love Nip + Fab? They offer a 15% discount to students so if you're in school, use verify your student ID and get in on this amazing discount.

Image: @nipandfab/Instagram

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