'Homeland' On The CW?

Homeland may be hitting a critical rough spot this season, but apparently terrorism's still all the rage in Hollywood: The CW is developing multiple terrorism-centric shows. Yes, plural. The first one is set to follow a terrorist cell based out of NYU. A young female FBI agent goes undercover with the cell, and chances are it will be the ab-iest terrorist cell ever on television. It's being written by Memphis Beat executive producers Liz W. Garcia and Joshua Harto and is being billed as Alias-meets-Homeland, though we wouldn't be surprised if some Never Been Kissed gets thrown in there, too.

The second in The CW's surprising kick to up their terrorism coverage is being produced by Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci — yes, the ones behind Sleepy Hollow — and is being written by Good Wife and Elementary producer Corinne Brinkerhoff.

Sleepy Hollow's been getting good press recently due to being one of the pleasant surprises of the season — not to mention one with a pretty damn good head on its shoulders when it comes to diversity and representation. Orci has been under some fire in his relationships with fans after his reaction to their reaction to Star Trek Into Darkness. Hopefully we can all put that behind us in the names of casting ridiculously beautiful people for this upcoming show.

According to Deadline, this second show "centers on a young Brooklynite recruited by the CIA to infiltrate her recently discovered biological family, a wealthy and powerful dynasty in Texas suspected of having criminal alliances across the globe."

So basically what that means is it might be like Revenge-meets-Homeland, but also with more abs and super carefully crafted stubble. Also probably some cowboy hats, because Texas.

While we're at it, can we just officially reboot Alias? With Jennifer Garner? We miss Sidney Britsow something fierce.

Image: The CW