This Hot Bean Curd Seller In Taiwan Is Sending Women To His Stand In Droves, So Step Aside, Alex From Target — PHOTOS

Remember Alex from Target? No? That's OK, neither do I, really. To refresh your memory: Alex from Target was a hot kid that worked at Target whose photo started circulating on the Internet, sending teenage girls the world over into a wet-knickered frenzy. He was basically the one man One Direction of suburban retail. Now the world has a new Alex from Target, in the form of the shirtless Hot Bean Curd Seller in Taiwan. The heartthrob was discovered by a blogger who was forced to wait longer than usual for their daily bean curd, and noticed the line was filled with a large number of horny women.

Shirtless Guy From Bean Curd Stand is actually a male model named Yi Tin Chen, which explains the chiseled jawline and bean curd grater abs. (Is there such thing as a bean curd grater? I don't know. I'm not even sure what bean curd is, which seems to the the prevailing sentiment when reporting about this guy.) Meanwhile, it's alleged that women are traveling from far and wide, even overseas, to see Yi Tin Chen at work at the bean curd store. Yep, business is booming for bean curd these days. Let's just home Yi Tin Chen doesn't die in a freak gasoline fight accident.

Here are some pictures of Yi Tin Chen, if discernible abs are your thing (they're not really mine, but I get how they could be yours):

1. "What, there's a camera on me? I didn't even notice!"

2. "Hey girl, you want my curd?"

3. "Oh whoops, did I just drop my portfolio here? Silly me!"

4. "Carrying bean curd and stripping down are my favorite!"

Meanwhile, if you were wondering, bean curd is just tofu. Huh. You learn something new every day.