Watch Every Tinder Relationship You've Ever Had Play Out In 91 Seconds, And Shed A Single Tear For Millennials Everywhere — VIDEO

When we look back at Tinder, far in the future, when we will have chips in our head that match us up with perfect people in the countries we've always dreamed of visiting, what will we think? Will we nod, and say, "Yeah, my Tinder years were the best I've ever had"? Or will we say nothing because we've tried so desperately to block the Tinder years out of our heads? Either way, the Tinder experience can now be boiled down to a video: A Tinder relationship in 91 seconds, as told by BuzzFeed, is a little too on point.

The beauty of online dating is that the span of a relationship can be anywhere from 15 minutes (in which you meet, hate the other person immediately, and walk directly in the opposite direction) to many years of happy companionship. But it's nice to know we can abridge either situation down to a minute and 30 seconds.

We also knows what plays well with the average Tinder swiper: Oh, you have a dog? And, wait, what's that? You're a creative type but can actually afford a loft in Williamsburg? You workout but aren't obnoxious about BMIs and green smoothies? MARRY ME.

Here's the classic tale:

It's a typical Saturday night


Girl finds nice looking guy who plays guitar


And who owns a puppy


Then girl discovers that one deal breaker...


And she shuts it DOWN.

A 2015 love story in 91 seconds. Watch the full video. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hate your millennial life:

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