Britney Spears Likes Taking Pictures With Random Attractive Louisiana Men, Because She's Britney Freaking Spears, Y'all — PHOTO

If you're an avid follower of the singer, you probably saw the photo Britney Spears tweeted with a super attractive Louisiana man. On Sunday, Spears shared the image, which she captioned, "So nice to be home! Nothing like Louisiana boys." Immediately, most everyone wondered who this good-looking guy was. Is he a family member? Is he a friend? Is he her new boyfriend? As of Monday, the latter seemed the likely choice, especially since it was reported that Spears and Charlie Ebersol broke up. Well, if you were hoping this was the singer's new man, it's not. Actually, he's just some random guy she wanted a photo with — because of his shirt.

The man, named Harris Beall who works at the Prop Stop bar and grill on Lousiana's Tickfaw River while on summer break from college, spoke with Access Hollywood about the now famous photo. Not only does he find it funny how popular he is, but he thinks it's hilarious how he's become Spears' rumored beau. He said, "I was walking down by the dock and Britney said, 'Can I take a picture with you?' because she liked my shirt." Obviously, Beall said yes just "like anyone else would."

The 22-year-old even cleared up all those dating rumors. "I'm a typical college football player," Harris revealed. "I work at a bar down by the river and was asked to take a picture with Britney Spears [on Sunday]." He then added, "Britney and I are not affiliated with each other at all." Also, he thinks "the whole thing is funny."

Beall is definitely being a good sport about the situation. In addition to retweeting Spears' tweet, he even wrote a few Spears-related tweets of his own, including one that reads: "Oops I think I'm in love."

Basically, Spears wanted to take a picture with a very good-looking southern boy, because she can. She's Britney, y'all.