If You Think "It Doesn't Get Better," You Need To Watch This New Campaign Supporting The LGTBQ Community — VIDEO

The It Gets Better Project launched in 2010, which means members of the LGBTQ community, along with straight and trans allies, have been pushing their beautiful motto for five years. FIVE YEARS. That's pretty damn good. Of course, it still needs to be way better, and it can be, which is what brings us to their latest video: "It Doesn't Get Better...It Gets Epic". The video makes a whole lot of reference to all the epic things that happened in people's lives after they came out. The group in the video is made up of influencers, comedians, Shorty award nominees, and generally hilarious people who all have empowering stories to share.

The entire crew is here to support and remind you that better days are ahead. Not only are they associated with the It Gets Better project, but they are also making a full-length feature film called "Almost Adults."

According to the Almost Adults web page:

Here's how it gets epic:

You could end up dating a gorgeous guy or girl of your DREAMS


You will influence everyone else's style


And you won't need to worry about the "politicians trying to take away your rights"

Watch the full video:

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