Is A New Rihanna Song On The Way? Let’s Take A Look At The Clues — LISTEN

Brace yourselves, Navy: It looks like a new Rihanna song could be coming soon. On Tuesday, music producer Mitus posted two snippets of a possible new Rihanna song on Instagram. The first clip is purely instrumental, but the second features a voice (which could be Rih's) repeating the line, "We're in the deep end." Both previews have a much darker sound than we're used to hearing from the "FourFiveSeconds" hit-maker. Interesting. So, why do I think this tune may be coming soon? And why do I think it's Rihanna-related?

On Monday night, Mitus mysteriously tweeted, "can't wait to hear this kill the radio." A short while later, songwriter Alicia Renee — who worked on Rihanna's Home ballad, "As Real as You and Me" — replied, "Lawd have mercy dey aint ready #OIFAN." The "#OIFAN" hashtag could stand for "Only If For A Night," the Florence + The Machine cut Rihanna sampled for a "A Night," a song which was recently used in her new Dior campaign. (Jeez, this is getting complicated, isn't it?) Are the two snippets Mitus shared on Instagram from "A Night"? It would make sense. After all, he claims to have produced the track. Whoa. So many clues. My head is spinning!

Check out the clips and tweets below:

Rihanna told fans at the end of 2014 that any information about her new album, R8, would come "directly" from her — but she's been so frustratingly tight-lipped about the project, I'm just glad someone is (possibly) talking about it! I can't say for certain that the previews Mitus shared on Tuesday are from R8, but they've got me hyped, regardless.

As always, I'll be on the lookout for more developments.