8 Times Tom Hiddleston Was A Real Life Prince, Because He Doesn't Have to Be In Asgard To Wear A Crown

Listen guys, I'm super ashamed of myself because I'm just now hopping on the Tom Hiddleston bandwagon. Honestly, I don’t even know what I was doing with my life before this — how could I have been so oblivious to such a perfect specimen of a human being? As a Marvel fan, I'd definitely seen Hiddleston in the Thor and Avengers films, but I must have been distracted by how perfectly villainous his character, Loki, is to notice how perfectly perfect Hiddleston himself is. It's just a testament to Hiddleston's amazing acting abilities — but now, thankfully my eyes are now wide open. Loki may be my favorite Marvel villain, but Hiddleston is now one of my favorite actors in Hollwood.

Why, you ask? Besides the fact that he's just always completely charming, hilarious, and adorable, Hiddleston also appears to be fantastic with kids, loves animals and is a self-proclaimed feminist. I really don’t think it get any better than that. Honestly, if I didn't know any better, I'd think he was a real life Disney prince, because he's just that perfect.

While Loki is off in Asgard trying to recapture the throne from Thor, Hiddleston should feel free to sit on any Earthy throne that he desires. At the very least, he needs to be in the running to play the prince in whatever live action Disney film is going to be produced next. Until then, here are eight times Tom Hiddleston was a real life prince.

1. When He Wore This Tux Like A Royal

Hiddleston looks so regal, its almost unfair to poor Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch... who was the actual groom at the wedding Hiddleston was on his way to attend.

2. When He Wore This Crown

He's already got the proper head gear for royalty, so there is no reason why we shouldn't allow Hiddleston to rule over something other than my heart. The patch of sidewalk outside of my apartment building is currently available.

3. When He Acknowledged His Own Perfection

Princes already know that they're majestic.

4. When He Got The Cookie Monster To Share

Cookie Monster would only share his beloved cookies with Hiddleston royalty — no one else is worthy.

5. When He Cozied Up With Miss Piggy


We all know that Miss Piggy has excellent taste in gentlemen. She wouldn't snuggle up with anyone who wasn't worthy.

6. When He Chose The Best Bodyguard


Princes have to have the best protectors. Who would be better than Aragorn from Lord of the Rings to keep Prince Hiddleston safe?

7. When He Took Pity On My Heart & Blew The World A Kiss


I humbly accept this precious token of your love, dear Prince.

8. When He Reminded Us All That He Commands An Army


Having an army at your personal command is the number one sign of having some real power. Perhaps Hiddleston is even closer claiming a crown then I originally thought? (If so, I'm down with it.)

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